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Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, created the idea of holding a large encampment of Scouts and leaders to celebrate Scouting in England. He called it a jamboree.

Since 1937, the Boy Scouts of America has held a national Scout jamboree for Scouts and leaders of Boy Scout councils throughout the United States. More than 600,000 Scouts and leaders have hiked the trails, paths, and roadways since the first jamboree was held at the base of the Washington Monument on the Mall in our nation's capital.

Since that time, 15 national Scout jamborees have been held. Three were held in the western United States at Irvine Ranch, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Farragut State Park in Idaho. Five have been held in Pennsylvania at Valley Forge and Moraine State Park. Beginning in 1981, Caroline County, Virginia, and Fort A. P. Hill have been the permanent site.

Year Location Attendance
1937 Washington, D.C. 27,232
1950 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 47,163
1953 Irvine Ranch, California 45,501
1957 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 50,100
1960 Colorado Springs, Colorado (golden jubilee) 53,378
1964 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 52,000
1969 Farragut State Park, Idaho 35,000
*1973 Farragut State Park, Idaho, and
Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania
1977 Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania 28,637
1981 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 29,765
1985 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia (diamond jubilee) 32,615
1989 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 32,717
1993 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 34,449
1997 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 36,015
2001 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 40,002
TOTAL 621,744

* 1973 was the only year that two jamborees were held in the east and west.

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