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For the convenience of the staff and leaders of the Lake Minnetonka District, the minutes of our Commissioner meetings are being posted here.   These are posted exactly as they are supplied to members of the staff and district.

Minutes: November 6, 2001


*****Lake Minnetonka District - A Quality District*****

---------------------------------------------------------Next Commissioner Meeting:

T U E S D A Y, December 11th, 7:00 PM;
at Wayzata Community Church

Attending the November meeting:

Jeff Walton, Steve Perry, Dave Gade, Chuck Saastad,
Julie Terpstra, Bob Snyder, Dave Ecklund, C.J. Gonsior,
Dwight Crisman, Wayne Martin, Doug Nelson, Mark Olsen, Chuck Hultner, Sara Amberg

WELCOME New Commissioners: Chris Devore, Stuart McKernan

Guests: Steve Kappel, Pam Gronski, Dean Culver

Recap of the Agenda Discussions:

**Cub Scout Roundtable: Wayne Martin Reporting

The Cub Scout side had 36 in attendance with 133 YTD. December feature a joint meeting with the Boy Scout side and the Cub Scout side will do the opening

**Boy Scout Roundtable: Steve Perry Reporting

The November Boy Scout Roundtable featured a presentation on Pinetree by Neil Heupel and Doug Nelson. Steve Perry "MC'ed" the meeting while Dr. Jeff Pastir recuperated from surgery. As mentioned above, the December meeting will be joint with the Cub Scout side. There were 43 in attendance.

**College of Commissioner Science:

- Training on November 10th. Jeff begged and arm twisted to get Commissioners to attend so that Scott Woolery would not pick on him at the Council Key 3 meeting. We only had (2) people signed up.

Note: The actual result was that we had (8) Commissioners attend, including (2) instructing, (2) Bachelors level, (4) Commissioner Basic.

Thank you for your participation!

**Viking Council Juvenile Diversion Program
                                                                           - Pam Gronski


- Pam did a presentation to the Commissioner of this program which is run from the Exploring/Learning for Life Division of the BSA. It is an outreach program that seeks to help first time offenders to discover the path that they are taking leads to nowhere and gives them a chance to make a clean start. These offenders get the opportunity to participate the Viking Council program as an alternative to the conventional legal system but face stiffer penalties if they do not successfully complete the program. Viking Council is one of only a few Councils nationwide that have this unique program in operation. It is self-sufficient and relies on contributions just like the rest of Scouting. For more information, see our web at:

**Join Scouting Night - Round Two

We spent a ton of time and handed out a lot of material outlining a program to get back into our units to encourage them to go back and try to make up for the deficit in membership that we are facing in Cub Scout membership over last year and the goal for this year. There are only two units in the entire District that are up in membership over last year and both are brand new. ALL OTHER UNITS ARE DOWN, MOST BY DOUBLE DIGITS. The District is down 446 Cub Scouts from the end of last year to the end of October and over 600 total traditional scouts. That's a bunch to lose to attrition and we really need to do our best to get them back. We made assignments for each Pack,  including some temporary volunteers that offered to assist for a couple months at the last Roundtable and here are the people that will work with the Units to hold additional recruiting efforts:

Pack Commissioner/Volunteer
26   Mike Wagener - Bob Strom?
206 Mike Wagener - Bob Strom?
209 Bob Snyder
283 Mark Olsen
285 Open (Harry F) - Sherri Gaudette?
297 Open (Harry F) - Sherri Gaudette?
301 Dwight Crisman
303 Steve Olson* - Volunteer
327 Bob Snyder
330 Dean Culver* - Volunteer
337 Dwight Crisman
345 Rick Hendrickson* - Volunteer
388 Steve Perry
391 Dwight Crisman
409 Mark Sass (Julie Terpstra)
426 Dave Gade
428 Chuck Hultner
429 Chuck Hultner
477 C.J Gonsior
481 Stuart McKernan
537 C.J Gonsior
538 Chuck Weber** - Open?
539 Dave Thompson
563 Sue Ketel
567 Doug Nelson
572 Mark Olsen
577 Doug Nelson
589 Chris Devore

We will be looking for the following from each person at the next Commissioner meeting: Events held or planned; new or current roster for the unit; what's next to increase their membership.

**Unit Assignments

We have had some Commissioners that have been unable to continue their commitments to Commissioner work for various reasons and we are beginning to reassign their Units to new Commissioners as we can recruit new staff. We will make a couple changes during November and December and those changes will be reflected on the web site rosters the new Commissioners should either make arrangements to begin visiting their new units or arrange with one of the ADC's or Dist. Commissioner to have an introduction meeting. 

**Commissioner Assignments for November:

Sheets were handed out to each commissioner suggesting activities for the month. A new sheet for each month will be passed out at each meeting.






1. Check on training status of unit leaders. Report untrained leader to training chairperson. Continue promotion of training.

2. Invite leaders to Roundtable.

3. Follow-up with Product Sale.

4. Webelos roster sent to Scoutmaster and/or transition chair of aligned Troop.


1. Encourage Troops to start savings plan for summer camp.

2. Promote High Adventure programs.

3. Invite leaders to Roundtable.

4. Follow-up with Product Sale progress.

5. Promote Klondike Derby participation.


1. Ensure your team has assignment and understands plan.

2. Complete next action step to recruit to one unit commissioner vacancy (if any).

3. Complete unit commissioner assignment with every unit not covered by an active, visiting unit commissioner (if any).

4. At monthly staff meeting, track assignment completion by unit, and coach unit commissioner's on helping their units.


**Upcoming Meetings/Events:

- Roundtable: Thursday, December 6th at MinnetonkaCommunity Center 7:30 PM

- District Committee Meeting: December 13th - 7 PM meeting at Wayzata Community Church.

- Next Commissioner meeting will be T U E S D A Y, December 11th; 7:00 PM; at Wayzata Community Church

- All District Award Nominations are DUE

These Minutes are now posted on the web at:

Jeff Walton
District Commissioner

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