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Use this page to find a Scouter in the Northern Star Council

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Note regarding this database:
The Viking Council does not share information from this database and it is only for the voluntary purpose that you see here on these pages.  Please note that your name will be seen by others if you place it here and you are responsible to update or delete the information when appropriate.

The web site is a legacy site of the Viking Council BSA, now Northern Star Council.  
This site was the original council site and was active from 1996 to 2002 and run by volunteers.  As the web became more important to Scouting, the council took over with paid staff.  This site is no longer maintained but is an interesting snapshot of an early Scouting web site.    You can share your comments
using our on-line form or send a message to the Webmaster.   Thank you for visiting!


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