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This Unit Operating Document  is presented strictly as an example of work by a Scouting  Unit.      The Viking Council BSA does not,  in any way,  reject or endorse the specifics that are contained therein.   Units are  encouraged to positively address their own particular needs based on the 12 Points of the Scout Law

Here is an working example of a Troop Job Description & Responsibilities document  as developed by Troop 524 of the Viking Council

  Annually, at recharter time, each Scout will review the Code of Conduct agreement.  If the Scout wishes to abide by the Code, he will sign the form, obtain his parentís signature, and return the signed Code of Conduct form to the Scoutmaster.


After the recharter date, any Scout who has not turned in a signed Code of Conduct form to the Scoutmaster, will not be permitted to participate in Troop 524 events/activities.


GOOD BEHAVIOR REWARDSTroop 524 leadership will strive to recognize, acknowledge, and when appropriate reward, good behavior.


INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR CONSEQUENCES Behavior in defiance of the Code of Conduct will be addressed by the following leadership.



1.   Patrol Leader/Assistant Patrol Leader

2.   Senior Patrol Leader/Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

3.   Assistant Scoutmaster/Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

4.   Scoutmaster


It is expected that two individuals will first attempt to resolve an issue between themselves before anyone else (youth or adult) needing to become involved.


The above levels are the standard order.  This order will change depending on the type of activity, such as on a non-patrol structured activity the Scout in Charge will be Level 1.


If behavior issue or problem is not resolved at lower level, it will then be taken to the next level.  Addressing the problem may automatically go to a higher level based on the severity of the behavior or level of Scout/s involved.


Process may include, but is not limited to:

A.   Leader to address inappropriate behavior and identify acceptable resolution.

B.   Meeting of the party/ies involved, the appropriate youth leadership, and two registered adults, to discuss issue and planned resolution.

C.  Meeting of youth leadership, Scoutmaster, and at least one other registered adult, to determine resolution.

D.  Meeting of Scoutmaster and other adult leadership to determine resolution.


Consequences may include, but are not limited to:

-     Apology to the offended individual/s.

-     Written reflection on the point of the Scout Oath or Law which
       was not followed.

-     Assigned additional tasks.

-     Removal from activity or not allow participation in future activity/ies.

-     Removal from leadership position.

-     Suspension or removal from Troop.

-     Other actions as determined by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Registered Committee Member.



In order to provide a positive, safe, and enriching environment or all scouts; while offering opportunities for wonderful adventures; the following rules have been established:


1.     I will follow the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Motto, and Outdoor Code.  I will remember that these are the basis for all the following rules and should be the basis for all of my actions.


2.     I am expected to follow the posted or verbal schedule of activities and assignments specified by the troop leadership.


3.     I will do my best to be on time and wearing the appropriate uniform for all troop events.


4.     I may not use or possess any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs.  If found or detected, my parents (and/or the police, if necessary) will be notified immediately.


5.     When on outings I understand, unless otherwise posted, that lights will be out, I will be quiet, and I will be in bed by 11:00 P.M.


6.     No visitors will be allowed in other peopleís tents from 11:00 P.M. until 8:00 A.M.


7.     Sounds that can be heard outside my tent after lights out are disrespectful and disturbing to others.  Lack of compliance will be dealt with by the troop leaders.


8.     I will take responsibility for any property owned by a camp, the troop, or another individual that I damage.


9.     The use of profanity or abusive language will not be permitted.


10.   I will not bring any electronic devices like radios, walkmans, game devices, etc. to any troop event.  An exception to this rule can be made only by the Scoutmaster, no other troop youth or adult leader.


11.   I will use matches and lighters only when appropriate and safe and only if I have my Firemín Chit.


12.   I will follow Totiní Chip rules and regulations when using knives, saws, and axes.


13.   I will use the buddy system on all troop activities.


Troop 524 is primarily responsible for the behavior, safety, and welfare of our members on all camping events.  At District or Council events, as well as at BSA camps, all District/Council/camp leaders have the right and responsibility of helping and correcting any problem they encounter.  I will follow the directions of those leaders as if they were my troopís leaders.


Scoutís Signature _________________________________________   


Date _____________________


Parentís Signature ________________________________________     


Date _____________________



This form is signed once a year at recharter time.  It must be signed by the Scout and parent/guardian and turned in to the Scoutmaster prior to participating in any Troop activities.

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