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Tiger Cub Questions and Answers

an informal discussion of what joining a Pack is all about for Tigers and their Adult Partners

Watch Tigger Bounce!

Note:  This is a general guide.  Every Pack works a little differently.

What is Tiger Cubs all About?

It is a way for you and your son to spend quality time together, as a team. To SEARCH out new friends and activities, to DISCOVER new ideas (and a potentially very rewarding new relationship with each other) and to SHARE these with others. Above all to have FUN, a lot of FUN!

We've never done anything like this.  How will we know what to do?

You have plenty of resources. The Tiger Cub Handbook provides a terrific overview of how this program works.  You will have plenty of resource materials available as well as being part of the Cub Scout Pack.  This is an exciting program for both the Tiger and the Adult Partner.   In addition to the Pack information and resources, the Council will always be glad to answer questions.  Look at our web site for information:

  • Viking Council maintains its own web site at:

Den meetings? Who's in charge ?

All the Tiger/Adult Partner teams take a turn hosting a den meeting. Twice a month, the Den Leader and the Adult Partner Host will hold a one hour Den meeting based on a monthly theme or following parts of an achievement.  It's Fun and really not a lot of work either.

When are our Den Meetings, and how often do we meet?

That is decided by each individual den.  Bring your calendars & personal schedules to the Tiger organizational meeting at _________on _______________.  The Dens should meet twice a month for meetings, and have a "Go See It" activity once a month in addition to participating in the regular Pack Meeting.

The adult partners and Den Leader in each Den will decide on a meeting schedule. 

Where are our den meetings held?

You decide. You can have them at your house, or arrange to meet at a church or school. Some of your den meetings will be field trips or other outings.   You may call your Tiger Cub Den Leader and Parents will work together for ideas. 

What is the difference between a Pack and a Den?

A Pack consists of many individual dens. Dens are formed by rank which is associated with the boy's grade level in school. Within rank, we try to divide the boys into dens of 58 boys.

The current breakdown for Pack ____ is as follows:

Grade level

Scout rank

# of dens

1st grade



2nd grade



3rd grade



4th grade

Webelos I


5th grade

Webelos II


What does the Tiger Cub Den Leader do?

The Tiger Cub den Leader role is to help get the dens started, Work with adult partners to plan den meetings and Go-See-Its, coordinate the dens participation in several Pack activities and all pack meetings, represent the Tigers at pack committee meetings, and help the Tigers with graduation into a Wolf Den. 

What happens at the Pack Committee Meetings ?

Remember, the Tiger Den is part of a Cub Scout Pack, just ike a Wolf or Bear or Webelos Den.  A lot of important information is passed out, and future Pack events are planned and updated.  Also, this is where awards information is turned in from each den, so the Scouts can be recognized for their achievements at the next Pack meeting. If your den wasn't represented, your boys might not be up to date on awards, or you might miss out on other important information.

What type of awards could the Tigers get?

The Tiger Cub Belt totem, totem beads, Tiger Cub Patch, Tiger Track Beads,  and participation patches for Pack events are among the awards. Also winners of various contests throughout the year.

How do Tigers earn the Belt Totem and Recognition Beads?

Belt totem: Your Tiger earns this after memorizing the Tiger Motto, Cub Scout Sign and Cub Scout Salute.   This is presented at a Pack Meeting.

Beads: A Tiger Cub receives (1) one white bead for each (5) five "Family Activities" completed,  (1) one orange bead for every den activity completed, and (1) black bead for every "Go See It" part completed.  Tiger cubs will be presented beads at appropriate ceremonies worked out within the Dens.  A boy can only earn one bead for each of the (15) achievement parts.   There are forms available for keeping track of your Tiger Cubs progress, ask your Den Leader, Pack Trainer,  or Cubmaster. Or check the Viking Council web site:

Patch: A Tiger Cub receives the Tiger Patch when (15) achievement beads are earned.  That means all (5) in each of the areas.  The patch is presented in the Pack Meeting by the Adult Partner and is affixed to the Tiger Cub Belt Totem in an impressive ceremony.  The patch will be transferred later to a blue shirt when the Tiger graduates to Cub Scouts. 


Do we have to complete all those Elective items?

No.  There are (15) Achievements needed to complete the Tiger award.  All (5) from each area.  But you can keep going and do as many Electives as the fun allows!  The Electives are Optional.   You have lots of activities to choose from. You can choose which ones you want to complete and any order. It is entirely up to you and your Tiger. And whenever 10 electives are completed then the Tiger earns a 'Tiger Track Bead' which is presented at a Pack meeting.   Have fun!  Choose the ones you agree on. Getting the beads awarded is fun by itself, but you should be having fun while earning them.

When does he get the totem and beads? Who awards them?

It works something like this:

  • Keep an Advancement Record in the back of the book as activities are completed, and bring it to each den meeting. Update it throughout the year and make sure your Tiger Den Leader knows of any newly completed electives.
  • Your Den Leader or other parent representative, brings that information to the Committee Meeting.
  • When there are 10 completed, a Tiger Track bead will be presented at the next pack meeting.
  • After the Committee Meeting, the appropriate awards will be purchased or prepared.
    Generally Totems and Patches and Tiger Track beads are presented at Pack meetings.  Achievement beads are presented at Den meetings as the achievement is completed.

What about participation patches?

Some Packs have an unofficial but popular vest program ("brag vests").  This is optional.  Participation patches are given out for certain events throughout the year. These can be sewn onto the red vests for display. 

What about awards at our den meetings?

You can update a wall chart at den meetings if your den chooses to. Beads are usually awarded at the Den meetings and Totems are awarded at Pack meetings.  Use good judgement to reward the boy appropriately in the proper setting.

What happens at the Pack meetings?

We have fun. This is were we can recognize the achievements of Scouts as they progress up the ranks. Were they can show off a little (games, songs and skits) and we get information out to parents and Scouts. There are a lot of great special activities throughout the year, some of which are at Pack Meetings,  some outside. Watch for handouts or calendars with this information. 

We have a busy schedule. Can we just drop our Tiger off and pick him up when the Den or Pack meeting ends?

This is really not possible. You join Tigers as a team, one on one. If you can't come it is perfectly acceptable to arrange for someone else to bring your Tiger. We can not set up a Den as a "baby-sitting service". The Boy Scouts Of America has in place special rules and practices that are to guard against children being alone with only one leader. This is simple way to protect everyone.

What do we need to do before our first meeting ?

  • Read this entire memo.
  • Secure a Tiger Cub Handbook
  • Read the Parent Introductory Section
  • Help your Tiger learn the Tiger Motto 
  • Think about volunteering to be the Tiger Cub Den Leader or assistant for your den all the boys need your help.
  • Read this memo again. Save it for reference, along with all other correspondence.

How will we know about Pack activities?

We have several channels of communication, all run by hard working volunteers:

  • The monthly Committee Meeting, always scheduled the same time of each month. It is important that a representative from every den attends this.
  • Some Packs may publish monthly newsletter following their Committee Meetings.
  • Den meetings your Den Leader, assistant or any representative from your den who attends the Committee Meeting can pass on (or collect) the information needed.
  • Announcements at the Pack meetings. Keep your ears open for new & updated information.
  • Your Tiger Cub Den Leader or Cubmaster.   At certain times they will update you on what you need to be doing. For example, the Tigers may take on responsibility for a Pack event.  As that approaches, we will let you know what you need to do.
  • At the end of the Tiger year, the Tiger Leader and the den prepare to graduate to a Wolf den in a suitable ceremony at a pack meeting.
  • Remember to check for Information on the Viking council web site as well.

When is the next Committee Meeting?

Thanks for asking! Our next Committee Meeting Is at _____________ . We meet at_______________.

Will we be getting red vests for patches that I have seen?

  • Each Pack may handle this in a different way. It is usually decided at the Committee Meetings.
  • Plan on having your Tiger Cub Den Leader, Assistant or representative attend these meetings whenever possible.

Who is our Cubmaster?

  • Your Cubmaster is _______________________ at Ph_________________.
  • Your Assistant Cubmaster is ________________at Ph ________________.
  • Your Committee Chairperson is ______________at Ph ________________.

When do we get our Pinewood Derby kits, etc?
Who pays for them?

These are often distributed at the Committee Meetings or Pack Meeting to the representative for each den, who then brings them to the next den meeting. The kits are normally purchased with money earned by the Pack with their fund raisers.

What happens next with Popcorn or Wreath Sales?

This is one of the annual fund raising events used by Packs, which provides the Pack with money to buy the books, scarves, patches and awards given out during the entire year. It also funds many other Pack activities, leader training, camping events and all of our other operating expenses. Please try to support your Pack by getting involved, early, in these events.  More information is always given out at Committee and/or Pack Meetings on these events.

I'm still confused.

You are in good company! "I sometimes feel like I am just coming out of the fog myself, after starting as a Tiger parent 2 years ago". Just read the information, bring your questions, and get started as your child's Adult partner.  Look around for areas where you can lend your help and/or expertise.  Have fun with your boy! Things will start to fall into place.

How about Camping?

General camping is not part part of the Pack program for Tiger Cubs but Tigers are invited to Tiger Day Camp, District Day Camp and can camp overnight with a parent at "Fun with Son" at Rum River Scout Camp.

A very special Note for all new Tiger Cubs:

Zoo Day on Saturday, October 6th, at Como Zoo. Tell me more...

This is a special event sponsored by Viking Council, Boy Scouts of America, for all new Tigers and their Adult partners in the metro area.  Questions, call Viking Council @ 763-5454550.

Have Fun with the Boys, enjoy yourself and help wherever you can!

  • Special thanks to Marilyn Hostetler for developing the original Q&A - Pack 285
  • Thank you to Josie Petermeier of Pack 379 for the October 2001 update

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