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Tiger Cubs BSA - New Patch 2001 Tiger Cub Program

The Tiger Cub program is for first-grade (or age 7) boys and their adult partners. There are five Tiger Cub achievement areas. The Tiger Cub, working with his adult partner, completes 15 requirements within these areas to earn the Tiger Cub badge. These requirements consist of an exciting series of indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy in the first grade.

Tiger Cubs BSA gives parents an opportunity to provide their children with a safe, structured, and nurturing environment. Tiger Cubs and their adult partners have fun together while developing closer family relationships. Scouting can provide positive, enriching experiences and activities to complement a child's formal classroom education. Scouting and education share the common goal of helping young people grow into self-reliant, dependable, and caring adults.

Tiger Cubs BSA is a simple, fun, easy-to-operate program that helps a boy and his adult partner gain a better understanding of and an appreciation for the community environment in which they live, and even the world at large.

Tiger Cubs BSA offers an opportunity for boys to enter the Scouting family at an important age. Research has shown that early involvement in values-based programs is vital to strong character development. The longer a boy stays in Scouting, the more likely he is to develop the values and skills needed to become an ethical and productive citizen.

Learn about changes in the new Tiger Cub Program    A pamphlet is available describing
   changes in the Tiger program. 
The Tiger Cub dens are a part of the Pack. Tiger Cub dens meet on a monthly meeting pattern of den, family, Go See It activities and participation in the monthly Pack Meeting.   There are Tiger Cub resource books and program helps available for the Tiger Cub Den Leaders.  Suggested den meeting plans are included in the Cub Scout Program Helps, No. 34304D.  
The Tiger Cub and their adult partners work out of the Tiger Cub Handbook No. 34713, to complete achievements and electives, and to plan activities.  The Tiger Handbook is available in your Council Scout Shop for purchase.


Check out information on the new Program

New Tiger Cub Book.  Click for full Image

For more information about Cub Scouting, or to find out how to join, contact your nearest Council.

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