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Bachelors Requirements

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Doctoral Requirements

Registration Application
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Class Schedule



1. Submission of an application as a candidate for the Bachelor's Degree, indicating the following:

a. current registration as a member of a Commissioner staff or Service Team,

b. completion of Commissioners Basic Training and

c. signature of the District Commissioner or Service Team chairman.

2. Complete 7 hours of instruction from the list below:

  • Course #BCS 100 - Plenary Session
  • Course #BCS 101 - Introduction to Commissioner Science~Rich Dohrmann
  • Course #BCS 102 - Unit Charter Renewal~
  • Course #BCS 103 - The Commissioner and the District~
  • Course #BCS 104 - Unit Visitation~
  • Course #BCS 105 - Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs~
  • Course #BCS 106 - A Commissioner's Priorities~
  • Course #BCS 108 - Effective Roundtables I~
  • Course #BCS 109 - Effective Roundtables II~
  • Course #BCS 110 - Program Session~



BCS 101 - INTRODUCTION TO COMMISSIONER SCIENCE. An overview of commissioner service and the single most important resource--The Commissioner Fieldbook.

BCS 102 - UNIT CHARTER RENEWAL. Review a proven plan for reregistering Scouting units on time with minimal loss in membership and leaders. Learn the role of the commissioner to facilitate and achieve on-time charter renewal.

BCS 103 - THE COMMISSIONER AND THE DISTRICT. Interaction of the commissioner with the district executive and district committee. Understanding district and council operation.

BCS 104 - UNIT VISITATION. Provides participants with insights on effective unit visits, what to look for, and how to be a help -- not a hindrance.

BCS 105 - PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO COMMON UNIT NEEDS. Helps commissioners understand how to respond to unit needs. Participants become familiar with Unit Commissioner Worksheets and Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, and Posts.

BCS 106 - A COMMISSIONER'S PRIORITIES. Suggests the priorities for a unit commissioner's Scouting time and energy, reviews steps in handling unit problems, and covers the important Quality Unit Award.

BCS 108 - EFFECTIVE ROUNDTABLES I. Designed for roundtable commissioners and roundtable staff members. Covers basic roundtable ingredients, planning cycle, and resource materials.

BCS 109 - EFFECTIVE ROUNDTABLES II. Designed for roundtable commissioners and roundtable staff members as a continuation of BCS 108. Covers promotion and publicity, roundtable location, and a variety of morale builders.

BCS 110 - PROGRAM SESSION. (Choose 1) Advancement, Activities, Camping, and Training. These sessions will help commissioners learn their role in helping units provide an exciting and dynamic program at the unit, district and council levels.

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Last update on March 28, 2004