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Area Unit Assignments Name Phone Number
Metro Lakes District Commissioner Noel Sagness

H 612-866-0833

North Assistant District Commissioner Loren Meineke

H 612-521-7750

North P-145, T-145                   Unit Commissioner Brian Dahlgren

H 612-522-0470

North P-129, T-129, P-161,         T-161, C-161 call Loren Meinke

H 612-521-7750

St. Anthony, Northeast Assistant District Commissioner John Roemer

H 612-788-3496

St. Anthony, Northeast T-132  Unit Commissioner Dr. Charles Kirk

H 612-789-6951

St. Anthony, Northeast P-91, P-132, P-153, P-711, T-153, T-711, C-153 call              John Roemer

H 612-788-3496

Central Assistant District Commissioner Bruce Schmiedlin

H 952-897-0637

Central P-24, P-871, T-82, T-871 Unit Commissioner Carol Stromberg

H 612-724-4887

Central P-98, T-33, T-100 call Bruce Schmiedlin

H 952-897-0637

Southeast Assistant District Commissioner Peter Johnson

H 612-798-4815

Southeast P-1, P-38, T-38               Unit Commissioner Gary Reisdorf H 612-729-5199
Southeast P-56, T-196                     Unit Commissioner Pat Soulak

H 612-861-8857

Southeast P-120, P-187, T-1, T-120, T-187 call Peter Johnson

H 612-798-4815

Southwest Assistant District Commissioner Bernie Braun

H 612-866-0251

Southwest P-46, T-6                          Unit Commissioner Graham Ford

H 612-824-6768

Southwest P-103                               Unit Commissioner Pat Soulak

H 612-861-8857

Southwest T-103 Unit Commissioner Anthony Garcia H 612-827-5200
Southwest P-73, P-110, P-193, T-64, T-89 call Bernie Braun

H 612-866-0251

Richfield Assistant District Commissioner Bob Carr

H 612-708-9338

Richfield P-339, P-344, P-384      Unit Commissioner Alisa Kusnier

H 612-869-3096

Richfield T-262, T384, T-443 call Bob Carr

H 612-708-9338

Special Service Team UC Kathy Hacmac

H 612-861-6907

Special Service Team UC Scott Johnson

H 612-861-7005

Special Service Team UC Nancy Carillo

H 612-588-5873

Special Service Team UC Bonnie Rowell

H 612-926-9592

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