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Religious Emblems Counselors

Counselors are generally trained adult Scouters who have committed themselves to working with youth to help them to gain a deeper understanding of their faith by walking them through a series of prepared classes.

Counselors should be trained in the religious emblem that they would like to teach. Either the Ad AltareDei or the Pope Pius XII. Training is held twice yearly, in August and February.

Counselors should attend the August Counselor's Meeting to obtain current calendar event list, event dates, times and places, and forms, booklets and resources. If a counselor cannot attend the meeting, they should have a parent representative attend for them and make sure they receive all the information.

Counselors should notify the VCCS about their intent to hold a class by the August Counselor's meeting.

It is highly encouraged that all counselors attend the monthly council meetings to add input and to keep abreast of schedules and suggested changes to the programs.


The web site is a legacy site of the Viking Council BSA, now Northern Star Council.  
This site was the original council site and was active from 1996 to 2002 and run by volunteers.  As the web became more important to Scouting, the council took over with paid staff.  This site is no longer maintained but is an interesting snapshot of an early Scouting web site.    You can share your comments
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