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 (See APPLICATION FOR BSA LIFEGUARD for complete, detailed requirements)



Summary of requirements:

1.    Age Requirement:
      (a) 14 years old or completed 8th grade

2.   Prerequisites:
      (a)  Swim 400 yards using a combination of strokes:
             50 yards elementary backstroke
             50 yards breaststroke
             50 yards front crawl or trudgen
             50 yards sidestroke
      (b)  Surface dive in 8-10 ft of water to retrieve 10 lb weight
      (c)  Float - Demonstrate ability to rest
      (d)  Dive - Perform long, shallow dive
      (e)  Demonstrate rowing skills; launching a boat;
             Swamped boat drill; use and care of PFD's

3:   Aquatic Skills:
      Demonstrate the following aquatic skills:
      (a)  Long shallow dive into deep water; swim 25 yards in 20 sec. or less
      (b)  Throw a line for accuracy 10 yards, three times in one minute
      (c)  Rescue a swimmer using a rowboat
      (d)  Demonstrate front approach rescues using a rescue tube
      (e)  Unconscious rescue using front approach
      (f)   Rescue using rear approach - tow
      (g)  Rescue using rear approach - cross chest carry
      (h)  Demonstrate four different defenses and escapes
      (i)   Demonstrate four different techniques to remove a victim from water
      (j)   Rescue simulating a spinal injury - shallow
      (k)  Rescue simulating a spinal injury - deep water
      (l)   Participate in back-boarding in shallow water
      (m) Perform all requirements of BSA Snorkeling Award

4:   First Aid and CPR
(a)  Show evidence of skill required for First Aid Merit Badge
      (b)  Demonstrate skills to treat near drowning; how to protect
             against bloodborne pathogens and other related first aid items
      (c)  Current CPR certification from American Red Cross,
             National Safety Council or American Heart Association

5:   Examination
      (a)  Score 80 or better on the BSA Lifeguard written or oral exam

6:  Practical Experience
      (a)  Explain how to guard the following activities:
             (1)   Recreational swim
             (2)  Unit Swim
             (3)   Instructional Swim
             (4)  Boating Activity
             (5)  Special Event
      (b)  Serve as a lifeguard in a supervised setting for at least
             two activities totalling 2-3 hours


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