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This award is for a blanket or pack, not the uniform.

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Paul_Bunyan Award - Not for uniform

Review chapter 6 in the FIELDBOOK and demonstrate to your Scoutmaster or other qualified person the following:

  1. Show that you have earned the Totin' Chip.

  2. Help a Scout or patrol earn the Totin' Chip and demonstrate to him (them) the value of proper woods tools use on a troop camping trip.

  3. Using a saw or 3/4 ax and a wood or plastic wedge and a mallet cut a log 6-8 feet long and 4 or more inches in diameter into 2-foot lengths. Split these 2-foot lengths into quarters.

  4. With official approval and supervision do ONE of the following:

    (a) Clear trails of fire lanes for 2 hours.

    (b) Demonstrate how to fell a standing tree 4 inches or more at the butt. Lop branches. Make a brush pile. Cut tree into 2-foot length and stack.

    (c) Trim a downed tree, cut into 4-foot lengths and stack; make a brush with branches.

    (d) Build a natural retaining wall or irrigation way to aid in a planned conservation effort.

    (e) Participate in an approved "SOAR for the Better Life" or conservation effort project in your council.

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