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The Quality Unit Awards are the latest in a series of ways that the BSA tries to recognize units and individuals within those units that have strong, quality programs.

Background and History

The Quality Unit Program was first introduced in 1986.   The Quality Unit program is an effort to recognize units that have met specific  requirements established on a charter year basis.

The ten categories for the unit-level award -- eight of which would quality a unit for this award -- are listed below.   These requirements can change every two years to reflect current programming.

Units who meet or surpassed their unit goals receive a special flag streamer and has permission to purchase uniform emblems to be worn below the Patrol medallion, on the right sleeve,  as a permanent award.

In 1990, the BSA revised the Quality Unit program to only allow the most recently earned quality unit award to be worn.   This eliminated shirt sleeves that had lots of these patches.  Scouts and their leaders had tended to wear all of the Honor/Quality Unit emblems that their unit has earned since "the start of time".

The Requirements

  1. Training: The Scoutmaster will complete Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training and Scoutmastership Fundamentals
  2. Two-Deep Leadership: A Troop will have one or more assistant Scoutmasters registered, trained, and active. One registered adult is assigned responsibility for Youth Protection training.
  3. Planned Program: A Troop will conduct an annual program planning conference, publish an annual troop program calendar, and present it to parents at a family activity.
  4. Service Project: A Troop will conduct a service project annually, preferably for the chartered organization or community.
  5. Advancement: Sixty percent or more of the Scouts will advance a rank, or the Troop will have a ten percent increase in total rank advancement over a year ago.
  6. Boy's Life: A subscription to Boy's Life will go into the homes of all our Boy Scout members, or will achieve a ten percent increase over a year ago.
  7. Outdoor Activities: The troop will conduct six highlight activities (such as hikes, cam pouts, trips, tours, etc.) and attend a Boy Scouts of America long-term camp.
  8. Membership: The Troop will renew its charter with an equal or greater number of youth registered over a year ago.
  9. Patrol Method: The Troop will conduct Junior Leader Training as outlined in the Scoutmaster Handbook and hold monthly Patrol Leaders' Council meetings.
  10. On-Time Charter Renewal: The troop will complete its charter renewal before its current charter expires

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