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Pope Pius XII Emblem

The "Pope Pius XII" is a program developed by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) for male and female members of the Boy Scouts of America of the Catholic faith who have started ninth grade. It is recommended (not required) that Boy Scouts previously have earned the Ad Altare Dei emblem before beginning work on the Pope Pius XII.

This is a vocation-based program designed for high school and college age youth. The goals of the Pope Pius XII program are as follows:

To have the candidate examine how being a Christian affects daily life in a real world (Units I, II and IV).

To challenge the Scout/Venturer to evaluate his or her own personal talents and abilities in light of a possible choice of lifestyle/vocation or ministry that relates in some way to belonging to and becoming increasingly more active in the Catholic Christian faith community (all units).

To give the Scout/Venturer an opportunity to share his or her faith and practice his or her religion among peers, while receiving guidance and feedback attuned to the ideals of Scouting.

The Pope Pius XII program is best conducted for a group of high school-age Scouts and/or Venturers. In cases where this is impossible, a Scout or Venturer may fulfill program requirements on an individual basis. Before beginning the program, you must register with the local Catholic Committee on Scouting and work with an approved counselor. Check with your local Catholic Committee on Scouting to learn who can serve in this capacity for you. Your local Boy Scout service center can put you in touch with the Catholic Committee if needed. You must complete the program before your 21st birthday to receive the recognition. Note: Requirements can be adjusted to the specific needs of the handicapped.

The program itself consists of five units. In each there is a spiritual reading and a subsequent discussion, followed by one or more activities. The length of time for completion of the program is about 8 months.

There is a Pope Pius XII manual available. Most Boy Scout service centers do stock it.

Upon completion, the Scout or Venturer is presented with the Pope Pius XII emblem. This is a gold color pendant suspended under a bar and ribbon of the Papal colors. The BSA has authorized the wearing of this emblem on the Scout uniform. The appropriate Scout knot can be worn on the uniform to indicate the emblem was earned.

For more information, contact one of the following

  • Your local Catholic Committee on Scouting.
  • Your local Boy Scout service center to find the CCS contact

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