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Knot Awards

Youth Achievement
Arrow of Light
Hornaday Award
Eagle Scout
Explorer Award

Leadership Awards
Cub Scouter Award
Cubmaster Award
Den Leader Coach
Webelos Den Leader
Den Leader Award
Tiger Organizer
Scouter Training
Scouters Key
SM Award of Merit
Sea Badge
Professional Training


Bravery Awards

Honor Medal
Heroism Award
Medal of Merit

Honor  Awards

George Meany
Whitney Young Jr.
Wm. H. Spurgeon
O.A.  Service Award
        Arrowhead Honor

Commissioner Svc.
District Merit
Silver Beaver
Silver Antelope
Silver Buffalo
Silver World
James E. West
Daniel Carter Beard



Requirements (9/2000)

This award requires elements of Training, Performance and Tenure:


Complete two years as a registered den leader coach. Dates of service used to earn one key or award cannot be used to earn another key or award.


  • Complete "The New Den Leader" or "The New Webelos Leader Fast Start training
  • Complete basic training for Cub Scout den leaders or Webelos den leaders.
  • Complete Youth Protection training.
  • Complete the Den Leader Coach Seminar.
  • During each year of tenure for this award, participate in a Cub Scout leader pow wow or university of Scouting, or attend at least four roundtables.


Do three of the following:

  • At least once, serve as a den leader coach in a pack that earns the national Quality Unit Award.
  • Ensure that 100 percent of your active den leaders have completed Fast Start training for their positions.
  • Ensure that 75 percent of your active den leaders have completed basic training for their positions.
  • Conduct a planning workshop meeting of your den leaders, either separately or in conjunction with pack leader planning meeting.

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